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Information on this page is fully updated to the latest official version of the game: 176.02

Oracle is an enemy encountered in floor 2 (Dwarf Tunnels).

Overview Overview icon.png

"An Oracle is a kind of hedge mage troubled with visions of doom. They predicted the rise of Iratus centuries ago, among a few dozen other world-ending catastrophes that did not come to pass; thus, most dwarves were right to ignore them.

Unfortunately, the old saying holds true: As long as you try long enough, you will eventually succeed."

Abilities Enemy ability icon 1.png

Enemy ability icon 1.png

Skill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.png
Ally back 2.png
Support. Buffs self and all allies for 2 turns.

- Targets receive Block.png+1 Block and Ward.png+1 Ward.
Oracle support.GIF

Enemy ability icon 2.png

Skill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.png Skill info red dot.pngSkill info red dot.pngSkill info red dot.pngSkill info red dot.png
Debuff. (MarkIcon buff mark neg.png) Debuffs for 2 turns.

- Can't miss. (Not stated in game's description)
- Target receives 100% more damage.
- Enemies attack the target more often.
Oracle mark.GIF

Enemy ability icon 3.png

Skill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.png
Support. Buffs for 3 turns. (Can target more than one ally)

- Each turn restores 15% of maximum Vigor.pngVigor.
Oracle heal.GIF

Counter Strategy icon.png

Roles: Healer Vigor.png - MarkIcon buff mark neg.png support - Block Block.png, Ward Ward.png support

Best positions: Any positions (depending on various encounters and situations)

Oracle is purely a supporting enemy. She is not capable of dealing damage herself, but can wreck havoc on minions if not dealt with quickly. As long as the Oracle is in the back, she will inflict MarksIcon buff mark neg.png on minions, causing them to take twice the damage from any attacks.

Infested Infested icon.png taking damage with Oracle's MarkIcon buff mark neg.png

If minions don't have Ward Ward.png to negate the MarksIcon buff mark neg.png and quickly take down capable damage dealers such as Berserker, facing an Oracle can be quite dangerous.

Various minions such as Black Widow Spider widow icon.png, Head Hunter Head hunter icon.png or Blood Phantasm Blood phantasm icon.png can not increase their own Ward Ward.png. One can bring a Lost Soul Lost soul icon.png along with such minions to protect them with 2 Ward Ward.png using Dubious Boon or Enraging Boon. A temporary (but not ideal) option to prevent an Oracle from using MarksIcon buff mark neg.png is to relocate her to the front (preferably to position 1). There, she will be forced to spam Block Block.png and Ward Ward.png for all allies and move to the back. Black Widow Spider widow icon.png might be considered for this, with Fatal Bondage to deal with Block Block.png and Ward Ward.png. Another solution is to deal heavy damage to an enemy as quickly as possible. When an ally is injured, she has a good chance to use her healing ability. This is fairly easy to pull off as Oracle has extremely low Initiative Initiative.png. Trying to take out an Oracle early can be difficult, as she has abundant Ward Ward.png (and Block Block.png potentially) and is most likely to be found in position 3 or 4 at the start of a battle, which requires the squad to have minions capable of targeting back positions. Focusing her while ignoring other strong damage dealers might not be a good tactic.

Oracle has a chance to receive Cowardice effect once she goes insaneIcon buff insanity.png. It can be a good choice to combine Lost Soul Lost soul icon.png's Panic Wave and Banshee Banshee icon.png's feature Feature icon.png to force her to escape early. All Remaining Strength effect is helpful as well, forcing her to die prematurely but this will allow her to deliver even more MarksIcon buff mark neg.png.

Dialogues Dialogue icon.png

  • Ally is killed: "It was their fate."
  • Receiving a critical hit: "Come to my aid!"
  • Going insaneIcon buff insanity.png: "The future holds only death!"

Trivia Trivia icon.png

  • Oracle is the only enemy with no ability that can miss.
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