"My hordes are without number!" - Iratus

Minions are the various undead beings that make up the army of Iratus. Created in the Chamber of Iratus, they have varying combat abilities and serve other useful purposes when placed in the buildings located in the Graveyard surrounding Iratus' Chamber.


Minions at player's disposal

"It is hard to imagine a Dark Lord without his army of loyal and obedient minions, but the Necromancer disregards the creations summoned by his evil will and simply uses them as cannon fodder. Still, servants are blindly dedicated to their lord. Skeletons, zombies, vampires and banshee are always ready to descend upon the enemy at the first call of the master and strike terror into their hearts."[1]

There are currently 19 Minions for the players to utilize, with 1 of them only available to players who purchase Supporter Pack.

6 Minions are available for new players at the start: Banshee, Bride of Iratus, Dark Knight, Skeleton, Wraith and Zombie. Infested is included in Supporter Pack. The remaining Minions can only be unlocked by meeting certain requirements.



Creation Screen

Minions are created through the Creation tab in Chamber of Iratus. Each of them requires 4 Parts to be crafted. Minions can be dismissed to get rid of them permanently, but the parts used to create them and the items they carry will also be lost.

A tab showing a minion's details where the player can customize him and see his Level, Abilities, Feature, Attributes, 2 Item slots and 4 Part slots

Attributes (Stats)

A minion assaulting his target

Minions have several attributes which determine their effectiveness:Attack Attack.png, Dread Dread.png, Accuracy Accuracy.png, Evasion Evasion.png, Luck Luck.png, Armor Armour.png, Resistance Resistance.png, Block Block.png, Ward Ward.png and Initiative Initiative.png.


Minions gain Levels through various ways: win a battle, train in the Arena while a battle is won, interact with Steles on map or receive a Brain with higher Level. Minions can level up infinitely.

Damage Types

Minions deal 2 types of damage: Vigor Vigor.png damage and stress damage. Vigor Vigor.png damage can be physical, magical or true damage. Most can deal stress damage with their abilities while some deal mainly Vigor Vigor.png damage and only inflict stress damage through critical attacks.


Each minion has 6 abilities, 1 of those is an ultimate ability which costs a certain amount of Wrath Wrath icon.png. Some such as Fallen Dhampir and Lich have 2 ultimate abilities. A minion may only use particular abilities, depending on their positions in the battle formation. Once leveling up, a minion can choose an ability upgrade and an attribute bonus that goes with it. Upgrades for ultimate abilities are only available when a minion reaches Level 15. Most minions have their own unique Features Feature icon.png which have different effects on combat.


Minions can carry up to 2 items at time to receive extra benefits (note that these 2 items can not be the same). Each minion has its own unique item.


In the detail tab of a minion, players can customize their minions by clicking on yellow skull and feather pen icons to change their skins and names respectively.

List of minions



  • It is revealed that the creation of minions requires the most basic component: Curse. Without this, raising undead is impossible. Only human corpses can bear a Curse to be reanimated. This explains why almost all minions are humanoid in appearance. The only exception is Black Widow, who is half-human and half-animal.


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