"There will be a mountain of human heads when I'm done."

Iratus is the main "antagonist" of Iratus: Lord of the Dead, and the immortal necromancer whom users play through the game as.


Millennia ago, Iratus was on the verge of conquering the world, but his plans were unraveled by heroes, who ultimately killed him and sealed his body deep within a dungeon prison. However, Iratus mastered death long ago and is an immortal. He lay dormant for an eternity, pondering his past errors, waiting to one day be freed.

As chance would have it, his opportunity came, and he was released from his prison by mankind when a small group of humans excavating a tunnel near his chamber broke through a wall guarding his burial chamber. His powers have begun to return, and he now strives to completely break free of his dungeon prison, regardless of the cost. Iratus believes that life is a disease. He has the power to raise undead minions from the body parts of the dead and empower them. He now seeks to fulfill his ambition of conquering the world.


As Iratus, players can improve their underground lair, raise and improve undead Minions, advance through a Talents tree as Iratus levels up, and equip powerful Artifacts to fight his way back to the surface. They must make challenging decisions, and use their minions to take part in intricate tactical fights. Players may also use Iratus' magical Talents during combat.

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