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Information on this page is fully updated to the latest official version of the game: 176.02

Heavy Firethrower is an enemy unit encountered in Dwarf Tunnels (floor 2).

Overview Overview icon.png

"Firethrowers are the personal elite guard of the Alchemists' Guild. The dwarves don't quite trust their human partners, which is why they have brought along these fearsome warriors as insurance.

After all, getting burned alive is one of the least pleasant ways to die."

Abilities Enemy ability icon 1.png

Enemy ability icon 1.png

Skill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info gold dot.png Reversed four minions.png
Magical Attack. Deals Attack.png50% damage.

- Set targets on fire for 2 turns, additionally dealing Attack.png50% damage per turn.
Heavy Firethrower strike.GIF

Enemy ability icon 2.png

Skill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info gold dot.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.png
Ally forward 1.png
Ally forward 2.png *
Stance for 1 turn. Buffs self for 1 turn.

- Receives Armour.png+6 Armor and Resistance.png+6 Resistance

* Elite Version
Heavy Firethrower stance.GIF

Counter Strategy icon.png

Roles: IgnitionIcon buff ignite.png, magical damage dealer Attack.png - StanceIcon buff stance.png user

Best position: Skill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info empty dot enemy.pngSkill info gold dot.png

Heavy Firethrower is a special kind of damage dealer. Unlike most enemies that can use offensive moves in any positions, Firethrowers are only able to attack if they are in the very first position and are completely harmless elsewhere. Preventing them from getting to their effective position is an utmost priority. If they manage to do so otherwise, expect minions unprotected by Ward Ward.png to receive heavy IgnitionIcon buff ignite.png damage.

The Firethrowers will constantly use their StanceIcon buff stance.png to move forward until they reach the first position to unleash their attack. The StanceIcon buff stance.png at the same time also give them a bonus to their high innate Armor Armour.png, making it very challenging to kill them with physical damage. Any effects that prevent movement (Fallen Dhampir Dhampir icon.png's Trap, Wraith Wraith icon.png's Cold Grasp, etc) are best used against them to keep them at bay. Dhampir Dhampir icon.png's Trap is recommended due to its effect lasting longer others (2 turns or 3 turns for Durable Trap upgrade). The Magical Trap upgrade can remove all Initiative Initiative.png from a Firethrower to prevent him from acting early and give minions plenty of chances to deal with him. Alternatively, knock-back effects are helpful as well, but not as effective as preventing movement. Wraith Wraith icon.png's Wind Of Oblivion can push targets back 2 positions and remove Initiative Initiative.png. Be wary when a Firethrower goes with back liners such as Trader, Musketeer, Geomancer or any enemies that prefer to attack in back positions, as they will gradually push the Firethrower to the front when they move. Trader is a significant threat in this case. Make sure a Trader does not reach the first position, else he might use an ability to immediately push the Firethrower right to the front.

If a Firethrower needs to be dealt with early, use magical damage or any DebuffIcon buff stat neg.png that affects his Armor Armour.png. Take caution when using Head Hunter Head hunter icon.png's Sundering Wrath on a Firethower. As Head Hunter Head hunter icon.png does not attack immediately with this ability, he might end up hitting another target rather than the Firethrower due to constant movement.

Dialogues Dialogue icon.png

  • Ally is killed: "Revenge is gonna be hot!"
  • Receiving a critical hit: "I see light..."
  • Going insaneIcon buff insanity.png: ""
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