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Enemies are the various "good-aligned" beings whom the Minions of Iratus engage in combat against.


"In the lower levels of the dungeon, is where the necromancer’s path to freedom begins. Climb from the depths of your prison and slay those who would stand against you. Fight against a large variety of enemies, from unsuspecting miners in the depths to evil-seeking paladins."[1]

Enemies have several attributes which determine their difficulty: Attack Attack.png, Sanity Sanity icon.png, Accuracy Accuracy.png, Evasion Evasion.png, Luck Luck.png, Armor Armour.png, Resistance Resistance.png, Block Block.png and Ward Ward.png.


Almost every enemy has their own Elite version with more lavish appearance, slight increase in overall stats and, in rare cases, effectiveness of their abilities (for example, Elite Heavy Firethrowers can move 2 positions forward using their StanceIcon buff stance.png, comparing with standard ones moving only 1 position forward).


Bosses, encountered in the last fight of each floor, are powerful and dangerous in their own rights. Most of them capable of constantly summoning more enemies to replace fallen ones and aid them in combat.

Unlike normal enemies, bosses have several mechanics that define them:

  • Have very few position restrictions.
  • Immunity to stun Icon buff skip.png and sleep Icon buff sleep.png effects.
  • Will not escapeIcon buff escape.png in combat and can not go insaneIcon buff insanity.png.
  • Attacks that reduce Vigor Vigor.png and Sanity Sanity icon.png by percentage % are less effective against them.
  • Once they die, summoned enemies are automatically defeated.

Number in combat

Most enemies can appear more than once in a single battle. Some, which can be more powerful or troublesome, will never appear more than once in an encounter (Headsman, Trader, Bard, Dhampir, etc).

List of enemies

Mines (floor 1):

Dwarf Tunnels (floor 2):

Mercenary Barracks (floor 3):


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